• First consulting10 EUR
  • Curative pedicure29 EUR
  • Curative pedicure 65+27 EUR
  • Curative pedicure with extras (exfoliating, mask)45 EUR
  • Curative manicure25 EUR
  • Fungi diagnostics55 EUR


  • Silicone orthosis10-25 EUR
  • Individual aid supplies5-25 EUR
  • Nail braces25 EUR
  • Cryotherapy10-25 EUR
  • Single procedure10-25 EUR
  • Consultation20 EUR
  • Curative pedicure as a home service in Tallin44 EUR

(0,4 EUR for each kilometer outside of Tallinn)

The service is provided by experienced nurses who have received special training in foot care both in Estonia and abroad.